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Blockchain Brawlers PVP Card Games Launches

Blockchain Brawlers

Richard Garfield, synonymous with Magic: The Gathering, has teamed up with Blockchain Brawlers, a brand new PVP card game that is touting itself as “the rowdiest Play-to-Own game in the Metaverse”.

The game is built on top of the WAX blockchain, and comes from Garfield’s collaboration with Tyranno Studios (formerly Wax Studios).

“What persuaded me to provide a game was Tyranno’s willingness to do a project that is totally not a tradable card game, where all players have the same cards and material for play. Art may vary, of course, but the game is consistent from player to player,” Garfield said (h/t the official website). “This is important to me because so much of blockchain gaming is tied up in making the game itself an object of speculation, and that runs against the interest of people who actually want to see games played.”

“The game I have made for them is a simple game with some deep play and bluffing that I hope will resonate with the wrestling world,” Garfield added.

According to the official rundown: “With only 900 Platinum editions available, Brawl-O-Seum owners are the EXCLUSIVE producers of the specialty moves and over-the-top finishers that are required to play one of the top Web3 game titles worldwide.

Thousands of active players are already hyped to enter the ring, and legions more will follow. Craft, sell, and shape the Brawlerverse!”

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