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Rarible NFT Marketplace Adds Web3 Aggregation


A new version of Rarible NFT’s marketplace  is introducing new aggregation tools to showcase NFTs from across the Web3 space, allowing users to browse and purchase Ethereum-based digital assets from Rarible, OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2 and Sudoswap.

Alex Salnikov, the chief strategy officer and co-founder of Rarible, spoke about the announcement.

“It creates an open environment where users can access the best prices for NFTs all through one interface” he said, according to CoinTelegraph.

Additionally, Rarible introduced a mechanism in which users can lock up their RARI, the native token of the marketplace, to earn rewards and incentives for ecosystem participation, which Salnikov says this is a step toward further decentralization of the platform.

“Users get to make decisions on where the ecosystem goes next. They have a say in Rarible’s future and that’s something you can’t get with just funds or an NFT.”

With people complaining that Opensea is too centralized, and a potential NFT marketplace war upon us, according to DappRadar, this is a good step for Rarible.

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