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Aptos Network Selects NPIXEL For New Partnership

Aptos Network

Layer-1 blockchain company Aptos Network has announced a new partnership with the Korean triple-A gaming studio NPIXEL which will be aimed to bring web3 to NPIXEL’s gaming initiatives platform.

“It’s no surprise to us that the market in South Korea, which is digitally native, is really excited about the technology and what Web3 can bring to the consumer experience,” said Mo Shaikh, CEO of Aptos, in an interview with GamesBeat (via Venturebeat).

“We’re not only the builders of this protocol, but we are now focused on building user-facing applications and tools that will help support Web3 companies where they are today and also help Web2 companies enter this space,” Shaikh said. “Within Web2, as you look at look across various industries, gaming has been one of the industries that’s been most excited about the potential for Web3. But it has sat on the sidelines. And obviously, with our partnership with Npixel, we’re going to help accelerate that adoption.”

“Our team chose Aptos because of their vision of bringing masses into Web3 through better user experience, unparalleled technology, and easy developer onboarding. We could not be more thrilled for this strategic partnership, not only with Aptos, but also with the Aptos community,” added Jeonghwan Ko, head of blockchain department of Npixel.

“We are excited to partner with one of the world’s largest gaming companies to build the next generation of games on Aptos. This is an amazing opportunity to bring quality gameplay and open user ownership together for the first time,” said Shaikh. “The Aptos network was built for enjoyable development of projects that share a vision for an open and accessible Web3 ecosystem. Partnering with Npixel has been a dream, and we look forward to optimizing the use cases on the Aptos ecosystem even further as we onboard these top-tier strategic ecosystem partners.”

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