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Darewise Entertainment Announces Partnership With Skinvaders

Darewise Entertainment

Darewise Entertainment, a game studio and Animoca Brands subsidiary, has officially announced a new partnership with Skinvaders, which will see the two brands team up to kick off the SWEAR NFT collection as part of Skinvader’s SWEAR London brand.

The goal is to bring it into the Life Beyond metaverse, which was developed and published by Darewise Entertainment and is an AAA science fiction multiplayer online role-playing game built to give users a unique off-world experience and true digital ownership over their game assets.

“With Life Beyond, our ambition is to create a lush and detailed fictional virtual planet based on cutting-edge technology, world-building, and storytelling” Darewise Entertainment CEO – Benjamin Charbit said in a release. “By working with the most talented creators and brands we love in the real world, like SWEAR, we are building an interesting, authentic and believable alternate reality. Skinvaders’ expertise in creating custom in-game elements will also play a pivotal role in this social experience.”

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